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5 Things Every Cottage Baker Needs in Their Home Bakery Kitchen

You've made the decision to start your own baking business, but how do you get your home bakery kitchen set up for success?

I'm sharing my best tips and top pics for supplies to help get you the organization, storage, and efficiency you need to run a successful baking business. In this post, I'll show you how to transform your kitchen into a highly productive workspace for your baking biz.

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Home bakery kitchen

Setting Up Your Home Bakery Kitchen for Success

Turning your kitchen into a home-based bakery required extra storage, organization, and efficiency.  You'll need to think about how to store ingredients for your business, where to put baked goods as you are making them, and how to organize your supplies and tools.

The ingredient storage challenge

Most state's cottage laws require you to store your business ingredients separate from your family's food. I love these hinged, stackable bins because they are air-tight so ingredients stay fresh.  You'll be able to make good use of limited space with these bins. They come in multiple sizes. Try stacking smaller bins with frequently used ingredients like baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

Batch preparing dough helps you save time and space. By preparing the dough in advance and freezing it, I can quickly fill orders without a big production. I love using these airtight containers for storing my scooped and rolled cookies, muffins, and scones. Extra bonus- they are completely freezer safe, so no cracked lids!

Need to learn more about cottage foods laws so that you can get started with your business? My course will walk you through all the steps and explain the terms and requirements so that you can get fully licensed and ready to sell!

every bakers challenge

Where to Put All the Sheet Pans?

When you're planning or growing your baking business, think about where all your orders will go in your current kitchen set up. You'll want to arrange things for maximum efficiency.

That's why I love these sheet pan racks.

The large one holds 10 full sheet pans or 20 half sheet pans.

The countertop style is great too. It gives you a dedicated space to put hot pans from the oven. I've used both in my business for years and can highly recommend them for helping you keep orders organized and keeping your workspace de-cluttered.

Selling Your Baked Goods

Pop-Up and Market Day Solutions

As a baker without a storefront, you'll want to have functional and attractive ways to display your baked goods for sale.

These 6 ft. display tables collapse down and fit in the trunk of your car or a small closet.

Don't let a windy day ruin your set up!  These spandex table covers keep your booth looking neat and tidy in all kinds of weather.

keep your supplies near by

organize your home bakery kitchen

Your growing collection of cookie cutters, pastry tips, and specialty tools needs a storage solution that will grow too! That's why I love these 12 " x 12" craft organizers.

Whenever you feel your craft collection getting out of control, just add another bin to the stack!

Space-saving storage solutions will help you make the most of your space. These stackable sliding basket drawers are perfect for cellophane bags, ribbons, and labels.

Bakery Storage for Limited Space

Go vertical for Extra Storage

Got small kitchen storage woes?  Make full use of your wall space by going vertical for even more storage space.

This 4 Piece Peg Board Set is perfect for hanging your cookie cutters, utensils, and pastry tips.

Installation is easy with two mounting options including a self-adhesive backing, that won't damage your walls.

Getting frequently used items like plastic wrap and pan spray off the counters and on your walls with this wall dispenser will free up your much-needed counter space.


In Conclusion

Getting your kitchen organized for your home baking business will set you up for success in the long run. Think about how to be efficient with storage, using vertical space and supplies that grow with your expanding collection of tools. If you're ready to learn how to sell your home-baked products online check out my 5 day bootcamp. You can read more about it here.

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  • Hey! This is a great post! I put several items on my Amazon wishlist to buy as I have the funds. Quick concern, the links under the sheet pan section did not work. May you direct me on what items were listed there?

  • Hi Danyel, I’ve updated the post with a few of the links that we’re not working on. Thanks for spotting that and I hope you enjoy your new kitchen equipment!

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