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Starting a home baking business doesn’t have to break the bank. In this guide, I’ll show you the essential tools and supplies to kickstart your baking journey without spending a fortune. Let’s get started!

Tools of the Trade

When I started my home bakery, I quickly realized the importance of having different types of mixers at my disposal. Having a stand mixer, a hand mixer, and eventually, a Bosch mixer helped me to be prepared for any situation. If one broke down, I had backups ready to go, ensuring I could keep baking without a hitch. Plus, having multiple mixers allowed me to multitask efficiently, saving both time and effort in my baking business.

Setting Up Your Home Bakery

Turning your kitchen into a home-based bakery requires extra storage, organization, and efficiency.  You’ll need to think about how to store ingredients for your business, where to put baked goods as you are making them, and how to organize your supplies and tools to help you run an orderly business.

Space Saving Solutions

This 4-piece Peg Board Set is perfect for hanging your cookie cutters, utensils, and pastry tips. Installation is easy with two mounting options including a self-adhesive backing, that won’t damage your walls.

Getting frequently used items like plastic wrap and pan spray off the counters and on your walls with this wall dispenser will free up your much-needed counter space.

Space-saving storage solutions will help you make the most of your space. These stackable sliding basket drawers are perfect for cellophane bags, ribbons, and labels.

Where to Put All the Sheet Pans?

When you’re planning or growing your baking business, think about where all your orders will go in your current kitchen setup. You’ll want to arrange things for maximum efficiency.

That’s why I love having sheet pan racks. If a big order comes my way, I don’t need to stress about space.

The large one holds 10 full sheet pans or 20 half sheet pans.

The countertop style is great too. It gives you a dedicated space to put hot pans in the oven. I’ve used both in my business for years and can highly recommend them for helping you keep orders organized and keeping your workspace de-cluttered. These sheet pans fit perfectly on both racks. They bake evenly and are so affordable you can replace them when they get worn.

How to Store Your Ingredients

Most state’s cottage laws require you to store your baking ingredients separately from your family’s food. I love these hinged, stackable bins because they are air-tight so ingredients stay fresh.  They come in multiple sizes so you can stack smaller bins with frequently used ingredients (like baking powder, baking soda, and salt).

Batch-preparing dough helps you save time and space. By preparing the dough in advance and freezing it, I can quickly fill orders without a big production. I love using these airtight containers for storing my scooped and rolled cookies, muffins, and scones. Extra bonus- they are completely freezer-safe, so no cracked lids!

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