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Better Baker Club Courses

Better Baker Club Courses

I’ve spent my entire career perfecting the art and science of making money selling baked goods. In my courses, I share with you what I’ve learned so that you can save time and money and get to selling faster.

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turning your hobby into a hustle

How to earn money by selling your home-baked goods

You will :

Determine if you are ready

Identify the first steps

Get prepared

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Ready to take the steps to legally sell from home?

Understanding the United State Cottage Foods Laws

a self-paced online course that walks you through the rules and regulations of the cottage foods industry in the United States.

 Learn the six major business requirements every home-based baker needs to know.

If you are ready to stop dreaming about owning your own bakery and take the steps required to really do it, this is the course you need.

You will get:



New Skills


for what it takes to legally bake and sell from your home kitchen!

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