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Reach Your Baking Goals…Faster!

Of course, you can totally go the DIY route with your baking business like I did, but why? Instead of guessing and spending time figuring things out, you can discover what actually works.

My courses are simple to follow, budget-friendly, and help you achieve success faster, so you can hit your baking goals sooner!

I’m here to help you every step of the way. Because starting your bakery will change your life, just like it did mine!

Recipe to Revenue

Imagine if you had the perfect recipe for success – not only knowing exactly what to bake to generate a healthy profit but also having the marketing skills to ensure your treats reach eager customers.

Recipe to Revenue provides you with recipesstep-by-step training, and copy-and-paste templates to help you easily promote yourself. 

Don’t let your delicious treats go unnoticed – join us and gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to bake for profit and market your products effectively.  

The Bake Better Academy

Running a baking business is no cakewalk—and going it alone can be so tough that you might just wanna throw in the towel! 

Break through the start-up overwhelm and navigate the hurdles with a community that shares your passion. 

Get expert help by joining Allyson in monthly chats, and get answers to all your baking and business questions.

Dive into 10 essential modules packed with over 60 video lessons that will empower you with the skills to overcome the unique challenges of selling baked goods from home.

Don’t bake harder, Bake Better!

Perfect Pricing Calculator

The Perfect Pricing Calculator is an easy-to-use spreadsheet specifically designed to help home-based bakers understand their costs and make a profit.

Unlike other pricing tools on the market, after purchasing this tool, you own the Excel workbook. No recipes to track down or recurring monthly fees to worry about.

Dream Bakery Design Lab

Ready to turn your baking hobby into a profitable business?

This comprehensive digital course will guide you through the rules and regulations of starting a home bakery, ensuring you have a clear understanding of what it takes to run a legal business. Enroll today and say goodbye to confusion and hello to a thriving bakery business!

Flash Sale in a Box

The ultimate guide to selling your baked goods using social media! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seller, this product is designed to make the sales process feel easier and more manageable.

With Flash Sale In A Box, you’ll learn how to effectively use Instagram and Facebook to market and sell your delicious treats.

Farmer’s Market in a Box

Farmers Market in a Box is a comprehensive resource for home bakers, providing tools and training to maximize profits, attract customers, choose the right market, and navigate regulations for selling at farmers’ markets.