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Bake Better Pies Book COver

Includes My Best Pie Recipes

The tart and tangy apple pie My super flaky pie crust, Brie and fig hand pie, Praline pumpkin pie, Fresh strawberries and cream pie, Turkey and potato pot pie, chocolate banana cream pie, Blue-barb Pie, Old fashioned buttermilk pie, Lattice top cherry pie, and tomato basil goat cheese quiche

Bake Better Pies: My Secrets to Baking Pies Like a Pro

Are you ready to learn the art and science of pie baking?

In this book, you’ll find stunning photos, inspiring messages, and new twists on familiar favorites.

I'm finally sharing my award-winning apple pie recipe

After digging deep into what makes a great pie, I entered a pie baking competition. I was thrilled to be the first place winner in two different categories! Now I'm sharing everything I did to win with my tart and tangy apple pie.

The judges thought this pie was first place and so will you

listen to what these customers have to say about the pies in this book...

" I honestly have not had Apple Pie that good.....EVER!!"

" Oh, that's good. I can almost taste the Fall"

Includes video bake-along links

Includes a link to a video series with a step-by-step tutorial for baking the flakiest pie crust and everything I did to win first place with my tart and tangy apple pie!

I'm sharing exactly what I did to win pie competitions, so there is no reason your pies can't be award winners too!