With Allyson Grant

Hello, my fellow bakers!

You may be wondering what the Better Baker Club is all about? I’m so excited to tell you a little about myself and why I decided to start this baking blog. 

I currently work as a bakery manager in a residential foodservice setting. What is that? Its student dining! What do college students love more than sleep? ( let’s be honest, probably beer) They love pizza! Think 2000 pizza crusts from scratch each week. They love cookies! Tens of thousands of cookies go out of our facility each month. We have a full line of made from scratch plant-based treats as well. To say that we are busy is an understatement. Its go, go, go all day long. Honestly, I love it. It’s a great experience, good for perfecting new recipes and a wonderful way to get feedback directly from our customers!

Before student dining, I was fortunate enough to make a living doing something most people only dream of. I owned and operated 3 cupcake stores! Frosting up so many varieties of cupcakes each day it would make your head spin. I baked every kind of cake, from cupcakes to birthday cakes to wedding cakes. I’ve logged over 1000 weddings in my day, each one special and exciting. But in case you were wondering, no… the wedding cake delivery jitters NEVER go away! That gig even landed me a stint on the Food Networks series Cupcake Wars. If you would like to see that episode click on the link below.


The early 2000s was such a wonderful time to be in the cupcake business. This fun bakery boutique trend was popping up all around the country. Raechel Ray Magazine even recognized us as one of the top 5 destinations in the United States for cupcake lovers to try. Check out the article here: https://www.rachaelraymag.com/whats-new/cupcakes

In the early 1990’s I attended San Francisco baking institute and quickly found my love of artisan bread baking. Its the perfect blend of science and artistry. A few years were spend abroad in France perfecting the art of bread baking as an apprentice and Viola! Back to the United States to open my very own Boulangerie! 

As far back as my career goes (30 years- but who’s counting) I’ve always been in the baking and pastry business. It is my passion, my dream, and my paycheck! 

Enter the baking blog. 

Due to a tough break ( literally, I broke my leg pretty badly: taking over a year to heal) I found myself with much unplanned extra time on my hands. Because as my wonderfully patient boyfriend would attest to, I NEVER EVER stop thinking about food, I came up with the idea to share what I’ve learned about baking and running a baking business. 

In this blog you’ll find articles about:

Starting and running a successful baking business

Avoid the pitfalls that cause most new bakery business to fail in their first year. I’ll share insight and ideas for you to avoid becoming a statistic. 

Making money selling baked goods

Just getting started in the baking business? You’ll want to know how to price your baked goods. How to market them, and most of all how to sell, sell, sell! I’ll share my successful strategies for enticing your customers to come back over and over again. 

Articles on increasing your bakery profits 

One thing I’ve learned from working in Restaurants, Resorts and Bakeries are that every penny counts! I’ll share ways that you can save money, expand your product line, waste less and sell more. 

Recipes galore! ( I’ve accumulated and tested quite a few over the years)

I’ll share with you my very best recipes. The ones you’ll want to hang on to. They will become your “go-to” recipes when baking for your family or your customers. 

Tips and tricks that the professional bakers use

There is a difference between hobby baking and baking for profit. I’ll dispel some of the myths about baking and show you how the pros do it!

How to tutorials for skills like cake decorating, French pastries and more!

I’ll be sharing a recipe post every week. These are time tested recipes that work! Most are recipes my customers have asked for over and over. I love Pinterest for organizing my recipes, so be sure to follow me there and pin my recipes to your favorite board.

I’ll also be hosting a monthly bake along:

 I’ll focus on one special recipe each month and I’d love it if you all would follow along, bake it and share your photos on social media! You can use the hashtag #betterbakerclub to share your creations. 

In short, my aim for this blog is to share with you thirty years of professional baking experience and to have some fun and make new friends along the way. 

I’m so glad you’ve found me and I can’t wait to get started! So what do you say? Let’s throw on an apron and go bake something!