With Allyson Grant

It took me 30 years to find a pie crust this good!

I have to admit. I have a love/hate relationship with pie. What looks so simple and homey is actually a test of everything you’ve got! Good ingredients, good technique, a good recipe and lots and lots of patience. Tons of respect goes out to those grandmas, home bakers and blue ribbon winners who produce picture perfect, flaky layered, sugar crusted & fruit loaded beauties with seaming ease.

But does it really need to be that hard? If you’ve got some basic baking skills and the right ingredients wouldn’t the right recipe make all the difference? Yes and No. But mostly yes. A perfect recipe paired with some new techniques is all it takes.

Be prepared to rethink what you thought you knew about pie dough.

This pie dough recipe is different. It has specific ingredients in it for specific reasons. If you are looking for perfect results, you’ll need to follow this recipe TO THE TEE! While you’re at it, go ahead and check out my blog post on six tips for improving any pie dough recipe.


Let’s start with the science of why this recipe works, keeping in mind the goal…FLAKY, FLAKY, FLAKY.

The result here is a dough that is not over worked, yet still soft and pliable. It rolls out nicely and doesn’t crack or crumble when working with it.

Now let’s talk about how this pie crust recipe actually performed. Did it meet all the criteria for a good pie crust?

Here are the characteristics of a good pie crust;

  • The crust is evenly browned and golden brown around the edge, somewhat lighter brown on the bottom.
  • The crust is flaky and tender.
  • The flavor of the crust is buttery and has a good mouthfeel.
  • It holds its shape when baked and served.

So how did this recipe do?

  • It was definitely flaky and tender!
  • It browned well in the oven
  • The flavor was nice. I definitely did not notice any vodka taste. There was a slight buttery flavor, and nothing noticible as far as shortening is concerned.

Overall, I give this recipe an A+. It delivers everything it promises. I will be using this recipe for all my pies from now on.

I am so glad I tried this recipe!

I hope you enjoy it too!