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What is the Better Baker Club?

Hi, my name is Allyson and I'm so glad you're here because that means that you love baking!

Whether you're brand new to baking, interested in learning how to sell baked goods or an experienced bakery owner, there is something for everyone here.

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    Sharing what I've learned from my baking journey

    20 years ago I took a chance and started a home-based baking business. The opportunities it created for me changed my life!

     I share the principles I believed in then and still do now.

    Be 100% real

    Here you'll find scratch-baked recipes that taste fantastic, sell well, and make you look like the rock star baker that you are.

    Share your gift

    Do you feel an insatiable desire to bake?

    I feel it too! Sharing my baking has allowed me to raise my kids as a single mom, earn an income that I would have never thought possible, create hundreds of jobs and give back to my community. 

    Your love of baking is your gift and the world needs you to share it!

    Pay it forward

    My mission with Better Baker Club is to empower bakers by teaching them how to harness their creativity and passion into a  home business that generates reliable income.

    What better way to help other bakers than to share what I learned along the way? 


    What can you expect to find here?

    On this site, you will find the things bakers need most: scratch-baking recipes with step-by-step tutorials, topics to help you create a thriving baking business from home, and how to connect with me as a mentor and coach to help you grow your baking business.


    I share the recipes that my customers requested over and over again.  I don't just give you the recipe though, I share how to make it work in a bakery setting. I also share some of the tricks of the trade that will help you save more time and make more money.

    Check out my recipes here


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    Ready to take your baking to the next level?
    Wherever you are in your baking journey, I've got a program to meet your needs.

    I've folded in the wisdom of 30 years as a professional baker and sprinkled in a bit of fun along the way!

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