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Sharing what I've learned from my baking journey . . .

20 years ago I took a chance and started a home-based baking business. The opportunities it created for me changed the trajectory of my life!

On this site, I share the principles I believed in then, and still do now . . .

  1. Use no mixes or fake stuff- Here you'll find recipes that taste fantastic, sell well, and make you look like the rock star baker that you are.
  2. Keep a positive mental attitude -News flash friends- baking is hard work.  You gotta love what you do or get out now!
  3. Help a sister out-I achieved success in my home baking business, and afterward in building my chain of bakeries with the help of some really great people. You deserve that kind of good moji too!


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    What can you expect to find here?

    I share the recipes that my customers requested over and over again.  I don't just give you the recipe though, I share how to make it work in a bakery setting. I also share some of the tricks of the trade that will help you save more time and make more money.

    Check out some of my most popular articles that other bakers are loving at the moment. Got something you want me to write about? Shoot me an email. I'm always down for a good idea!