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Three sure-fire ideas to increase bakery sales!

We all want to increase bakery sales, but how? If you are struggling to get more customers in your baking business and it feels like you are just waiting for the phone to ring then these sure-fire ideas are for you! I’m sharing three proven methods that I have used in my own baking business to increase bakery sales

I will review the three different tactics that I recommend when you need a boost in sales. In each of these methods, you are going to be creating a buzz about your business. Pick the method that suits you best, then try a different method when you are ready.

1. Marketing your baked goods with samples

Nothing leaves a more lasting impression than great-tasting and great-looking cakes, pastries, and cookies! Why not use your creations as your calling card? Here are a few ideas to wake up your inner marketing guru.

Market your bakery by baking extra

When you are completing a special order, bake a little more! If you have a birthday cake order, mix a little extra batter and bake mini cupcakes. If you’re doing iced sugar cookies, find a cookie cutter in a relevant shape and target your samples to a specific business. ( house-shaped cookies delivered to realtors, Scissor cookies for hair salons, etc.)

Work smarter, not harder by capitalizing on the labor that you are already putting in on a paying order and consider it a marketing investment.

Strategically donate samples

Think about donating to locations that will do your marketing work for you! Try taking a few dozen mini cupcakes to a hair salon. Often they will share them with their clients. You’ve now doubled your exposure! If you get them talking about your treats, it’s like free advertising. Doctors appointment? Bring some samples! Wrap up a platter of cookies in cellophane and add a cute bow. Don’t forget to include brochures, flyers, and business cards.

Be your own marketing department

Think about who you interact with regularly. Make sure you are talking up your business to everyone you meet, bonus points if you can market your baking business while you take care of your regular life affairs. Do your kids play sports? Volunteer to bring snacks to the next practice. Show off your skills by adding each players name to a jersey-shaped sugar cookie, or put the team logo on cupcakes!

Whatever you do, make sure it looks and tastes delicious and you’ll harness the power of good word of mouth!

2. Increase bakery sales by hosting a flash sale

A flash sale is a discount or a promotion offered for a short time. In my experience, this is a great way to try out a new or trending cake design or to build your photo album by choosing an item that you want to bake or need to photograph.

Decide on the item for your flash sale

My most successful flash sales have been of 6-inch or 9-inch layer cakes. I can try out a new style, get great photos, then sell my work.

Set the price

Decide how much you are going to discount your item. As an example, you can say ” today only, I’m offering this cake at a $10 discount. Normally retails for $35, today only $25″

Think about offering free delivery

Make it as easy as possible to create the transaction. Set a delivery zone and offer to deliver the treat in person.

Choose time-frame

Think about who your customer is and choose a time accordingly. If you are doing a flash sale on a party cake, Friday may be the best day. Most people celebrate birthdays on the weekends. Set your start and end time during the late afternoon or evening hours so that you can get an interested buyer when they are not at work.

Build excitement

Start promoting your flash sale about a week ahead of time. If it’s a product you already offer, post visually appealing photos. Cakes, cookies, and cupcakes are so much fun to look at, you’ll get customers excited by reminding them of all the delicious goodies you bake. Consider boosting your post on Facebook.

Remember to set your parameters to local buyers with a time frame of late afternoon or evening when Facebook usage is highest. Don’t forget to ask your Facebook friends to share your flash sale as well. This will expand who sees your post and gain you some possible new followers.

Remind your customers of the next flash sale

Once your sale has ended, remind your followers of the next planned flash sale. With consistency and lots of promotion, you’ll begin to grow a customer base that follows your flash sales regularly.

3. Host a pop-up event to increase bakery sales

Have you heard of a Pop-Up shop? A pop-up is a short-term temporary space, perfect for home bakers without a physical brick-and-mortar store. You may need to check your local laws since some US States have cottage laws that do not allow this. Pop-ups are great for beginners in business since they require very little actual expense.

Benefits of selling your products at a pop-up event

Customer contact– face-to-face interactions with your potential customers can give you valuable information about their needs and wants. Take the time to talk about your products! Tell them about similar items you sell, how to place special orders, how to find you on social media, and more!

Feedback– If you’re not already, you’ll need to get good at listening to feedback. While positive feedback is always reaffirming, be prepared to hear about products that customers do not like. Stay open-minded and use all feedback as valuable information. Large corporations spend good money getting feedback from focus groups. Consider complaints and compliments your focus group.

How to get started on your Pop Up

Find your space- Check local events online and in the newspaper. Look for compatible businesses and approach them about cross-marketing. Ask if they would be interested in cross-promoting their brand with yours. Think about places that are busy during certain times of the year: florists during Valentine’s Day, Wedding Dress Boutiques during bridal fair season, etc. Your chances of capturing more sales improve if people are already planning on spending at that time of year.

Set a date- Create a sense of urgency by letting your customers know the beginning and end date. The concept of scarcity is a proven sales tactic and the idea of running out soon causes customers to act quickly

Create a buzz- Use social media to create hype leading up to the event. Create a Facebook event, send an invite out to your email list, and ask your friends to share your event page.

Increase bakery sales with these three tricks

I hope you’ve gathered some inspiration to get out and create a buzz about your baking business! Use Marketing with Samples, Flash Sales, and Pop-Up Shops the next time your sales are in need of a boost.

Let me know in the comments which method you are going to try!

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