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I'm Allyson, and I'm a passionate baker and baking business coach who is here to help you get more out of your baking. I have been featured on the Food Network, was highlighted in Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine, and have baked cakes for Buddy Valestro of The Cake Boss.

I am an expert in the baking business and I want to help you be one too!

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I share the most popular recipes that my bakery customers requested over and over again.

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 Ready to get started on your baking business dreams? Check out the different courses I have to help your business thrive!

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Looking for baking business tips? Read my blog for baking business strategies you can use in your business.

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Learn from someone who has had the success you are seeking

15 years ago I opened my first home-based bakery. Since then I've gone on to open four retail baking businesses. When it comes to understanding your journey, I wholeheartedly do.

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Allyson Grant- Bakery Coaching

Put your baking business on the fast track to success

I can help you understand what’s working in your baking business and what isn’t.

My success coaching program will help you get a clear vision of the next steps for your baking business, and you’ll get encouragement and inspiration along the way. 


Thank you, thank you! You cleared the way! The amount of quality expertise that you hold is mind-blowing!

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Teresa Brown
Sugar Finery Cookies

With your recipe and assistance, I think I have successfully perfected the sourdough loaf! Thank you so much for your help!

Jill C.
home baker extraordinaire

Are you ready to open a home based bakery but dont understant the cottage foods laws?

My course Selling Your Homemade Goods: Understanding United States Cottage Foods Laws provides you with the tools, checklists, skills, and knowledge to legally open a home-based baking business?


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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Bakery Business Plan

The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Bakery Business Plan

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Adorable and Trendy Home Bakery Treats

Adorable and Trendy Home Bakery Treats

Looking for inspiration and new ideas for trendy bakery treats to sell? Today I am super excited to showcase the creations of two home-based bakers. They will be sharing all the details of how they make these super cute Cookie Dunkers, and delicious-looking Hot Coffee…

Print Your Own Home Bakery Labels

Print Your Own Home Bakery Labels

Everything you need to know about home bakery labels Would you like to learn how you can follow your state rules for home bakery labels and print your own labels at home? Today I’m sharing a video tutorial for how you can use free online…

5 ideas for starting a bakery from home in 2021

5 ideas for starting a bakery from home in 2021

Are you considering starting a bakery from your home? Gathering ideas and information can be so overwhelming. That’s why you’re going to love this list of 5 ideas that actually work! These systems are tested and proven successful by home bakers who are making money…

My three biggest mistakes when designing a bakery logo

My three biggest mistakes when designing a bakery logo

Are you planning a bakery and ready to design your bakery logo? Maybe you’re hesitant to choose a theme because of so many bakery logos looking the same, or you wonder what style of bakery logo will be best for your baking business? Today  I’m…