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Pro Tips for Finding a Great Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops are becoming more popular. They are a great way for businesses and retailers to increase brand awareness and offer their products. It is a way for businesses to build good, trusting relationships with current and potential customers. In this article, we will explore pop-up shop tips and venues.

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What to Look for in a Pop-up Shop Venue 

Finding the best venue for your pop-up shops takes some serious prep work. You must know what you’re looking for in a space and what would best suit your needs. There are many factors to consider as you go about looking for a pop-up shop venue. 

Set up

As you consider the best pop-up shop venue, make a decision based on what you’re offering. Also, think about what kind of space you need, and what opportunities you may get. You will want to make sure that your pop-up shop is set up the way you want it.  


Lots of foot traffic and people are key to your pop-up shop location. Without a lot of traffic, your shop won’t be noticed and provide much value. Find the most central location possible when setting up your pop-up shop. Some people will stop by just because of your shop’s location. You want to reach a wide variety of people to hopefully build a steady stream of customers. 


Your pop-up shop should be set up in a place where it is seen and in the line of sight of people walking by. It is always a bonus if your pop-up shop has a display window. In some cases, pop-up shop venues may provide an opportunity for a more long-term retail establishment. 


It’s essential that your pop-up shop venue has a space where you can properly house and showcase your business. You’ll find that some aesthetically conscious customers promote your business on their Instagram and other social media accounts. This gives you free publicity for your pop-up shop venue.


Another important factor when setting up a pop-up shop is to consider how long you want to be up and running. Pop-up shops can be set up for just a few days or several months. This gives you some wiggle room in the duration of your shop. You’ll have to be mindful of the duration. Sometimes a pop-up shop isn’t open long enough which makes for potentially long lines and irritated customers. However, if your pop-up shop is set up too long you can lose the sense of urgency for your customers. 


Finally, you must take into account the cost of your pop-up shop venue. The rent can vary based on your city, location, and the square footage needed to set up your shop. You will also need to be able to pay your staff and the liability insurance for your pop-up shop. Make sure you crunch the numbers before setting up your pop-up shop. 

Benefits of Pop-up Shops

Pop-up shops are short-term, temporary retail storefronts. Pop-up shops are more than just the general hype. There are many benefits of a pop-up shop. 

Sense of urgency

Pop-up shops can create a sense of urgency for people who walk by your shop. Since pop-up shops are temporary, passersby are likely to make a purchase while they still can. Customers don’t want to miss out on a good deal. This is the primary reason pop-up shops are successful. 

Test a product

Pop-up shops are a way to test out a new product. This is an opportunity to market something without having to invest in permanent real estate. If your product or service is an epic fail, you are not tied down to anything. You can just go back to the drawing board. 

Selling extra inventory at a pop-up shop

A pop-up shop is a great place to get rid of any extra inventory. You can stock your pop-up shop with extra merchandise you’ve been sitting on. Come up with a catchy marketing slogan and offer a good deal. Before you know it, you’ll be quickly selling your extra merch. 

Pop-up shops can save you money

Pop-up shops can save you money. They can easily be set up within another retail establishment. When you set your pop-up shop inside another store, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of foot traffic. Pop-up shops will also occupy vacant storefronts and therefore, landlords may offer a good deal on rent. 

 Shops Near Me

There a various places you can set up your pop-up shop venue. It all depends on what you are looking for and hope to accomplish. Finding the right space for your pop-up shop is essential

Shopping center or mall

Every mall has kiosks, booth spaces, or places to rent. The mall is a more cost-effective way to set up a pop-up store. Because of all the foot traffic, a shopping center or mall is the perfect place to get noticed. Consumers are always looking to buy something in a mall.


Pop-ins are stores within another store. You will have a built-in marketing partner when you open a pop-up shop within an established store. Both you and the established store will benefit from the foot traffic. Also, working with another retailer gives you more flexibility with leasing terms and a lower rental cost. One benefit is that you can open seasonally or for short periods of time.

Gallery/event space

Gallery or event venues offer a great space for your digital brand to become a physical space. These spaces are prime for events as well as eye-catching displays. This environment is very different than a brick-and-mortar retail space.

Vacant storefront

As you look for a place to start your pop-up shop, keep in mind empty storefronts are just waiting to be used. Look around your area for vacant storefronts. You can also get the help of a local realtor to help you find the perfect place.

Where to Find Pop-up Shops

Now that you’ve decided to start a pop-up shop, where do you look? Start by making a list of your needs and another list of your wants. This will help you gauge what you’re looking for. There are several options you can try when looking for the right pop-up shop space. 

Pop-up shop databases

When searching for a pop-up shop venue, you can visit websites such as Pop-up Shops and Storefront to find local listings and potential spaces to set up. You can filter your search to just what you’re looking for. 

Contact locations

If you’re considering setting up your pop-up shop in a larger retail store, you can call around or contact the owner directly about setting up your shop. Be prepared to negotiate with the owner on the space you’ll need and the number of hours you’ll be open.

Talk with a landlord or realtor

Keep your eye out for empty retail spaces. If you find a place of interest, you can contact the realtor or landlord for more information. 

Finally, finding a pop-up venue doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. Just be sure to do your research. Once you’re set up, just enjoy meeting new people, getting more brand awareness, and building trust with your customers. 

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