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Why Square is the Best POS for Your Home Bakery

Is the process of taking payments from your customers feeling a bit out of control?  Are you all over the place with how you collect payments? Don’t worry friends, I’ve got you covered with all the details for getting your customer payments under control! 

Square POS is an amazing tool to help you organize your baking business and help you feel in control of your earnings.

Let’s check out some of my favorite features that Square offers and how it can help you organize the payments you receive in your home bakery!

Affiliate Disclosure– If you click on a link in this post and activate an account or buy hardware from Square, then I get paid. This is called an affiliate commission. It doesn’t cost you anything and you do not pay more for the product. This is how I make money from my blog and am able to continue to provide valuable content for my readers.


Square POS Accepts Every Form of Payment

What form of payments do you currently accept? If you want to be accessible to more buyers, it’s a good idea to take whatever type of payment your customer wants to use, but the idea of all those different payment methods can feel a bit overwhelming!

Square makes it easy by accepting all types of payments. You can ring up sales as cash, check, credit card, ACH Transfers, Apple Pay, and even Google Pay.

If you do in-person events like farmer’s markets, fairs, holiday marts, or festivals, Square has a card reader so you can accept credit card payments in person.

It’s pretty simple to set up your Square account. You start by programming your business information, and tax rate and then enter your products and prices. you can download the app onto your smartphone or tablet and use it as your “register” at your in-person events.

Thinking about offering gift cards for your home bakery? It’s a great service to offer, especially around the holidays. Square gift cards are simple to sell, redeem, track and reload!

Send Custom Invoices to Your Bakery Customers

One of the policies I insist on is receiving payment from your customers at the time of placing their order. It’s critical to have payment in advance because it protects you from un-paid orders, no-show customers, and wasted products.

So how do you collect payment upfront if you are selling your baked goods on social media and not in person? I recommend sending your bakery clients invoices. An invoice is an itemized list of what your customer wants to order, with the total amount due and a method for them to pay.

Square POS makes it super easy to send custom invoices straight from the app on your smartphone or tablet, or from your laptop right to your customer’s inboxes!

Tracking invoices is really simple too. You can see if the customer has viewed your invoice, have automatic payment reminders sent and view which invoices are paid and unpaid.

Your customers can pay easily from their phone with a credit card, Apple Pay or ACH bank transfer.

Easily Transfer Funds to Your Own Bank

When you activate your Square POS and link a bank account, you’ll get your funds transferred on a standard schedule. It’s usually  1-2 business days for the money to show up in your bank account.

Recently Square added Square Checking. It gives you instant access to your sales with a Square Debit Card. If you’re looking for a super convenient way to keep your business finances separate from your personal finances, then Square Checking may be for you!

Keep Track of Your Home Bakery Sales with Square POS

If I asked you how much you made in sales last month, how long would it take you to get the answer? Would it involve rummaging through notebooks, messages, and loose scraps of paper?

If you want your baking to be the kind of business that regularly pays you an income, it starts with knowing your numbers!

One of my favorite things about using Square POS is that it keeps my business information all in one place and easily accessible. Just sign in to your dashboard ( from your phone or pc) and get access to important data and reports from anywhere!

Square POS for Your Home Bakery is Free to Use

I saved the very best part for last.

Square POS is an amazing tool to help you organize your baking business and help you feel in control of your earnings! The best part….. it’s free to use!

Yes, you’ll pay processing fees for credit card transactions, but the app and access to all the reports that it generates are completely free!

👉If you’re ready to get started, click here to set up your account and get a free credit card reader too!

Other Notable POS Systems for Home Bakers

If you’re not sure if Square is the best POS for your home bakery business, take a look at some of the other popular point of sale systems. You can compare the features and decide for yourself. 

Touchbistro is an all in one POS and Restaurant management system. 

Toast Point of sale for restaurants, bakeries and cafes. 

Cakeboss home bakery business management software. 

Get Square POS, Your Home Bakery Will Thank You!

Running a successful small business means that you need to know a lot of stuff, about a lot of stuff! Don’t make things harder than they need to be by piecing together a bunch of different ways to get paid. You can streamline the whole process by setting up a Square account, recording all your sales in the app, and sending your customers professional looking invoices. You’ll feel like a total pro when you run reports that actually help you with your business. 

Click the link below to set up your Square account get a free Square card reader!

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Home Bakery Expert Allyson Grant