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Valentine’s Heart Shaped Sweet Charcuterie Board

This Valentine’s Day, step up your game with a heart-shaped charcuterie board that’s all about the sweets. 

heart shaped charcuterie board

 While it’s true that charcuterie boards typically focus on an array of meats and savory snacks on a cheese board, this version is all about Valentine’s treats! What better way to end a Galentine’s Day dinner party or romantic evening than with a spread that not only satisfies your dessert cravings but also looks as good as it tastes?

Check out these adorable red foil paper plates. Let’s turn throw-away plates into a heart-shaped charcuterie board without splurging on an expensive heart-shaped wooden cutting board. To give your heart shape a bit more sturdiness, consider layering two plates together. 

heart shaped charcuterie board

Let’s Make a heart-shaped charcuterie board

So, you’ve got this fabulous heart-shaped canvas laid out in front of you, and you’re wondering, “What on earth do I put on it?”This charcuterie board is a no-rules treat.  The possibilities are endless. Let your sweet tooth guide you towards creating a decadent treat that is customized to your liking.  

This heart-shaped charcuterie board caters to all. It’s a party pleaser, a date night hit, and a solo snack sensation. Everyone gets a piece of the sweet action!

What to put on a Heart-Shaped Sweet Charcuterie Board

Strawberry Popcorn 

Ready to learn how to make strawberry popcorn using strawberry gelatin for a delicious strawberry taste?

Imagine popcorn, but make it strawberry-flavored. It’s a burst of fruity goodness that’s sweet, salty, and downright addictive.

Pro Tip: Make extra because this will disappear faster than you can say “Valentine’s Day.”

How To Make Strawberry Popcorn

Red Velvet Cupcake Delight

These red velvet cupcakes are a classic Southern treat with a vibrant red color, a tangy cream cheese frosting, and a delicious pecan praline topping. They are perfect for any special occasion like birthdays, weddings, and Valentine’s Day!

can you freeze red velvet cake

Chocolate-Dipped Bliss

Fresh Strawberries: Dip ’em, love ’em, devour ’em. It’s like a romantic rendezvous in chocolate form.

Pretzel Rods: Dipped, decorated, and ready to party. Sweet and salty never looked this good.


Mix It Up with Extras

Store-Bought Love: Grab individually wrapped chocolates, heart-shaped marshmallows, or cake pops from your favorite store. It’s the cheat code to a diverse and delightful spread.

Get Creative: Feel free to toss in any other Valentine’s sweets that tickle your fancy. Whether it’s cookies, candies, or anything in between – if it makes your heart flutter, it deserves a spot on your charcuterie board.

How to Arrange Your Valentine’s Heart-Shaped Sweet Charcuterie Board

When arranging your sweets, be mindful of the heart shape. Place the treats in a way that accentuates the curve, creating a visual feast that’s as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the taste buds.

Elevate your treats by using small cups or ramekins. Arrange them strategically on the heart-shaped plate, creating levels of deliciousness.

heart shaped charcuterie board


Congratulations, my sweet-toothed friend! You’re now armed with the knowledge to create a Valentine’s Day charcuterie board that’ll steal the spotlight. Don’t forget to comment below if you plan to make this!