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Supplies You Need to Start A Home Bakery Business

Are you ready to start your home bakery and share your treats with the world? Here is a list of the must-have tools that you’ll need to launch and grow your business. 


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Before I started my own bakery, I started collecting every type of tool and equipment I could get my hands on. It turns out that I didn’t use half of it! So before you spend a lot of money on equipment and supplies you don’t need, here’s a list of items that I really did need and use when I was just getting started.

Must-Have Baking Equipment

You’re going to need a few basic tools, no matter what you’re baking. It’s important to get the best quality equipment you can afford. Good tools are reliable, and they last longer, so you don’t have to keep buying new ones.

  1. Stand Mixer-The backbone of any home bakery, a sturdy stand mixer is a game-changer. It effortlessly whips up everything from cookie dough to cake batter. Consider investing in a high-quality mixer like the Kitchen Aid Professional Mixer. 
  2. Digital Scale-Precision matters in baking. A digital scale ensures accurate measurements of dry ingredients, guaranteeing consistent and delicious results. 
  3.  Electric Mixer– When a stand mixer is too big, an electric hand mixer comes in handy. Perfect for smaller batches and quick recipes. 
  4. Food Processor-Effortlessly grind nuts, mix pie crusts, or prepare fillings with a reliable food processor. It’s a versatile tool every home baker should own.
how to make brownies shiny on top

Must-Have Baking Tools

When you’re getting into baking, focus on the basics you really need, like spatulas and measuring cups. Pick good-quality tools. Later on, as you get more into baking, you can add more stuff when you’re ready.

  1. Mixing Bowls- Get either stainless steel mixing bowls or plastic bowls. Make sure you have different sizes for different recipes.
  2. Bench Scraper This tool helps you cut and shape dough with precision. It’s super useful.
  3. Rolling Pin– You’ll need this to roll out your dough to just the right thickness. It’s important for many recipes.
  4. Wooden spoons Get a good set of wooden spoons. They’re classic and great for stirring and mixing your ingredients.
  5.  Cookie Cutters Every baker should have different cookie cutters. They’re fun for making cookies in all sorts of shapes, especially for holidays.
  6. Parchment PaperPrevent sticking and simplify cleanup with parchment paper. A small investment that makes a big difference. 
  7. Round Cake Pans– If you want to make layered cakes, you’ll need good round cake pans. Start with one round size and one sheetcake size and add on as you need to. 
  8. Pastry Bags If you’re into decorating your cakes, you’ll need pastry bags. Opt for disposable over the canvas type 
  9.  Cookie Scoops These are handy for portioning cookie dough as well as scooping cupcake batter. A good set of three sizes will cover your needs. 
  10. Silicone SpatulaNo batter left behind! Silicone spatulas, aka rubber spatulas, are perfect for scraping every bit of goodness from bowls. 
  11. Balloon Whisk-For light and airy batters, a balloon whisk is your best friend. It’s an essential tool for achieving the perfect texture in your baked goods. 
  12.  Oven ThermometerEnsure your oven is at the right temperature for baking success. An oven thermometer is a small investment with a big payoff. 
  13. Measuring Cups-I like to have measuring cups of various sizes. Whether it’s flour, sugar, or liquids, having multiple sets of measuring cups means you’ll be washing less often!
  14. Measuring SpoonsJust like measuring cups, a good set of measuring spoons is a must-have in every baker’s toolkit. Look for sets that can be separated so you don’t need to dirty the whole set each time you use one.
Home Bakery Business Tools

Add on as your baking business grows

As your home bakery business expands, consider incorporating additional tools and equipment to meet the growing demands of your small business. 

  1. Additional Baking Sheets A baker’s essential, a sheet pan is versatile and can be used for cookies, pastries, and more. In this post, I’ll show you how the baking sheet you use affects your cookies, cakes, and bars.
  2.  Cooling Rack- If you struggle with not having enough space in your kitchen, a cooling rack allows your creations to cool without taking up valuable counter space.
  3. Counter-top convection oven- As your home bakery business expands, consider incorporating additional tools and equipment to meet the growing demands of your delicious creations.
  4. Acrylic display cases- Level up the presentation of your baked goods with acrylic display cases. These transparent cases not only protect your treats but also showcase them attractively, making you look more professional.
  5. Commercial mixers Consider upgrading to commercial mixers as your production scales up. Before making the investment, check with your local health departments to ensure compliance with regulations.

💡PRO TIP: Want to learn the easiest way to print bakery labels at home? In this post, I’m sharing everything you need to know about the types of labels you need as a cottage baker and links to my favorite resources!

Packaging and labeling tools for your home-based bakery

For bakers with the ability to ship their baked goods, investing in a few key supplies can be a game-changer. Having the right tools can simplify the process of sending your delicious treats to hungry customers near and far.

Here are some essential items to ensure your baked goods reach their destination in perfect condition.

  1. Bubble pouches– One of the best ways to protect your baked goods during shipping is by using bubble pouches. These lightweight, padded envelopes act as a shield, providing a protective layer against bumps and jostles during transit.
  2. Packing paper- Packing paper is a versatile option for wrapping and securing baked goods in shipping boxes. Munbyn provides environmentally friendly honeycomb packing paper crafted from 100% recycled kraft paper. It’s user-friendly, making it easy to tear, saving time compared to cutting with scissors.
  3. Multiple Sizes of Corrugated Shipping BoxesCorrugated shipping boxes come in a variety of sizes, making them a versatile choice for packaging an array of baked goods. Having multiple sizes of shipping boxes allows you to tailor your packaging to the specific needs of each order. It enhances efficiency in packing and ensures your treats are snug and secure during transit.
  4. Poly mailers– Poly mailers are lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant shipping bags. They are ideal for shipping items that have been securely packed in a shipping box. 
  5. MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal PrinterThe MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Printer is a game-changer for home-based bakers looking to streamline their labeling process. This Bluetooth thermal printer not only allows you to print shipping labels but also helps you comply with cottage food laws. It allows you to print clear and detailed labels, including ingredient information required by local health departments. This printer doesn’t need ink or toner, so it helps save on shipping costs in the long run. Plus, it’s super fast, printing 72 labels per second. This makes it really easy for bakery owners to ship orders quickly, even on busy days.
  6. Professional Looking Labels- When it comes to quality and cost-effectiveness,  thermal printing your labels is a smart choice. Not only do thermal labels make your packaging look great, but they also cut costs. With MUNBYN’s creative sticker labels, you can choose a design that matches your brand, and trust that your packaging will leave a lasting impression on your customers.
print labels at home

Arming your home bakery with the right tools is the first step towards home bakery success. From baking equipment to packaging and labeling supplies, quality tools are an important investment in the future of your business. 

Remember, investing in quality tools not only makes your baking life easier but also sets you on the path to success!



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