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Adorable and Trendy Home Bakery Treats

Looking for inspiration and new ideas for trendy bakery treats to sell? Today I am super excited to showcase the creations of two home-based bakers. They will be sharing all the details of how they make these super cute Cookie Dunkers, and delicious-looking Hot Coffee Bombs. 


Home bakery treats that are cute and trendy

Home-based bakers are always looking for new and trendy ideas to drive sales, but what makes a treat take off? The bakery treats that customers love the most, usually meet the following criteria: They have really cute packaging, the product is tasty and the price is right. 


  • Packaging- look for packaging that you can use for different products as well. Try to avoid specialty packaging that takes up space and sits in your inventory for too long. 
  • Product- Everyone loves a hot trend that customers just can’t get enough of. Following baking blogs, Pinterest boards, and specialty Facebook groups is a good way to stay up on the trends. 
  • Price Point- With home-baked bakeries on the rise competition is becoming fierce! Try to avoid “predatory pricing” by undercutting other bakers. Focus more on offering the highest quality product and the very best customer experience.  

Coffee Bombs

These delicious-looking Coffee Bombs are made by Kimberly from Krafts by Kimberly Dawn, a home-based bakery in Florida.  She offers a twist of the ultra-popular hot cocoa bomb by filling it with coffee instead. Here are some tips from Kimberly so you can make these gems too!

Supplies for Coffee Bombs


  •  Candy Melts – I like the Make n’ Mold brand from hobby lobby or Sweet Tooth Fairy sold at Michael’s. ( Kimberly note’s that you can also use chocolate or vanilla almond bark too.)
  •  Candy Mold- I use a 3 part mold ordered online. (you can find the link below) 

 Kimberly adds that there are also molds at most craft stores, but with those molds, you have to paint a couple of coats of the candy melts once it’s melted.

  • Instant powdered coffee.  Pick flavors you like, you’re your own taste tester!

How to Make Coffee Bombs

  1.   Melt candy melts or almond bark according to the package directions.
  2.  Paint 2 coats of melted candy if using molds bought at a craft store. Put in the fridge for 15 minutes. Take out of the fridge and remove from the mold. Set aside until all your 1/2’s are finished.  
  3.  Flip some of the spheres so you can put your powdered coffee in them. I use 2.5-3 tbsp.  Put a plate in the microwave for 30 seconds, you will then take the top half, put it on the plate, melt it a little and then put them on the filled coffee sphere.
  4. To decorate, put a little of the melted candy in a baggie. Clip one end and drizzle over the top of the coffee bomb. You can add sanding sugar, sprinkles, or whatever you like as decoration while the candy is still wet.



Voila, you have a coffee bomb! You can add hot water to make the bomb open, or as I do, brew my coffee right over it.  Add whip cream and sprinkles for an added festive look.


If you’d like to show Kimberly some Facebook love, check out her page below!

Here’s a list of supplies Kimberly uses:

Cookie Dunkers


These cookie dunkers are almost too cute to eat! The idea of cookie dunkers is gaining popularity and can be adapted to fit in with your menu for different seasons just by changing cookie cutter shapes and sprinkle colors. 

Susie from Susie’s Sweets has mastered the presentation with these cookies and frosting pairing with packaging that can be found on Amazon. 

Here are some pro tips from Susie


  •   The packaging is a 12oz parfait cup from amazon and the cutters are Michael’s.  
  • The cookie is a cinnamon sugar cookie with vanilla buttercream icing.
  •  Pro tip: to change the flavor of my sugar cookie I replace 1T of extract for any flavor.  
  • There are 9  1″-1 1/2″ cookies in this container and I plan to sell them for $8.  I live in a small rural area, bigger cities could probably charge more.  



Try adding these home bakery treats to your menu today!

If you are looking to jazz up your menu and offer something new and exciting, try adding one or both of these adorable bakery treats. The cookie dunkers can be used for any season and would make a sweet gift! And who wouldn’t love a hot coffee bomb? I’m imagining Mother’s Day and even Bosses Day, Administrative Assistants Day, and Teachers Appreciation week. The possibilities are endless. 


Do you have an awesome Home Bakery treat you want to share?

This is my first time showcasing home bakers, but hopefully not my last! I love the idea of staying connected and sharing ideas. 

Do you have a treat you would like to share? Have good ideas for a theme? Let me know in the comments below!


Monday 13th of November 2023

I am not seeing the pics, links or list as described. Am I missing it somehow?

Erica Rabe

Tuesday 28th of February 2023

Do you have a recipe for the cookies?